October 5, 2002

H. L. Kinney Chapter #17 Reorganization Meeting

Corpus Christi, Texas


Call to Order                                                                      Grady Price Blount


Pledge to the American Flag                                               Daniel Byerly

Pledge to the Texas Flag                                                     Thomas Gomez, Jr.


Honor the Texas Flag.  I pledge allegiance

to thee, Texas, one and indivisible.


Roll of Honor                                                                     Members and Guests

Each person present will stand and give their name and give the name of their Texas Ancestor


Introduction of DRT President                                            Don Pugh , Gulf Coast District

Remarks                                                                             Carolyn Baker, President, DRT Chapter

Brief Program                                                                     Life of H. L. Kinney, Texas Patriot,

                                                                                                Dr. Tom Kreneck


Election of Officers                                                             Don Pugh, Presiding a tempore

Installation of Officers                                                         Don Pugh

Remarks                                                                             Don Pugh

New Business

            Determination of number of meetings and possible meeting times

            Set first meeting

            Determine re-chartering function dates

            Collecting some funds for business expenses

            Developing a prospect list for new members

            Open Discussion




Brief Meeting of Executive Committee


Meeting with new prospective members                              Don Pugh and Carolyn Baker